We raised $200M to accelerate our leadership in Enterprise Automation

Our CEO shares his thoughts on the latest round of funding and our place in the automation market.

Written by   Vijay Tella

What is lead response time? And how do you improve yours?

We'll breakdown its calculation, the drawbacks of a slow response time, and specific tactics for improving yours.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

4 common approaches to implementing product integrations (and where they all fall short)

Deciding how you build product integrations can be difficult. We'll make it easier by reviewing the pros & cons of several options

Written by   Jon Gitlin

One-way synchronization: what it is, common examples, and how it differs from a two-way sync

Learn about scenarios that call for a one-way sync, and uncover 4 benefits that it provides to your employees and your business.

Written by   Jon Gitlin

How CyCognito plays offense in cybersecurity by blending performance and usability at scale

Ansh Patnaik, the CPO at CyCognito, breaks down their offensive strategy during a recent Confessions of a CPO webinar.

Written by   Miranda Yeo

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